Building Better Systems & Structures Through Transformative Justice and Strategic Action.

Welcome, I'm Cristal.


I work with individuals, communities and organizations with an expertise on youth and women to, cultivate equitable and anti-oppressive policies, programs and practices that promote community-centric leadership to build sustainable systems and communities.

After working for 8+ years in sectors like: education, mental health and youth justice, I have observed patterns and practices that make these institutions inaccessible for marginalized communities.


With a tenacious approach and zealous spirit, I work alongside various communities and individuals, with the ultimate goal of transforming sectors. I do so by challenging intuitional cultures and replacing inherently inequitable practices and systems, with ones that are created by and for the communities they are intended to serve.

Cristal Hines has the undeniable ability to capture a crowds attention and tells them exactly what needs they need to hear.

Samantha Groulx


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